Saturday, October 8, 2011

You + Me = Nothing

In you I saw my future
The life I always wanted
But In a moment of time
Everything vanishes
I see nothing
No You and Me
No us together
But an empty dream
And a voice screaming loud
No You and Me exists
..The You And Me equals nothing..

Friends Forever

I have searched high and low
And never could find
Friends as sweet as you
We talked, 
We walked,
For a Moment in Time
Through fun and fears, 
Play and tears,
We became the bestest friends
We share so much of our lives
Our joys and our pain
When times were rough
We have helped each other
Whether to advice or pep a talk
Or even a shoulder to cry
And on joys
We have laughed together
Whether to shout or scream
We shared our secrets and dreams
We are the bestest friends
And no matter what 
..We will be always together..

Saturday, January 29, 2011


My world has torn apart
My dreams have shattered
And i am left behind
All by myself
And not a shadow to care
I search for you in the dark
Hoping to bring in some light
But you are gone
And now i am alone
In pain and vain
And i realize 
How much i love you
And how much i need you
You were a dream 
So beautiful
That i lived once
But an awful memory now
That changed my life
Forever and always
And the only reason
..That pulled my smile ..


We Shared a bond
More than words could say
More than friends
Heart to heart
We always knew
How we felt for each other
But there was always a silence
A silent fear
Cause we always knew
We can never be together
And someday we will have to breach
Not because we wanted it
But fate doesn't permit it
Whatever happens
Wherever you go
..I will always remember you..

Sunday, June 6, 2010


I Don't have enough words
To describe a special someone like you
Who has been with me
Through out the thick and thin
A special someone
Whom i can never forget
A perfect companion
A loving brother
The dearest of all
The perfect one
Whom i am really gonna miss
No matter what
..Will Miss You Friend..